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The Lion King at the Princess Wales by Toronto Illustrator David Crighton

The Lion King at the Princess Wales by  Toronto Illustrator David Crighton
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  Pantages Theatre Toronto Phantom of the Opera by Canadian Illustrator David Crighton

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With over 35 years of creating art, there is a lot of work to see in David's vast and varied body of unique customized and personalized Toronto art work.  We've put together an "Introduction to the Store", a series of 5 information e-mails and reminders sent over a 30 day period, that introduce you to David, his many collections, testimonials  and how to commission David for a Corporate or Personal Commission Job


  David Crighton has created much loved landscapes and Toronto art - historic landmarks, neighbourhoods, Municipal, Provincial and Federal Government Buildings, Police and Fire Stations, Hospitals, Education Institutions and collages that pull together key locations throughout cities, neighbourhoods and countries for close to 35 years.  Many collectors own more than one David Crighton and ALL love and adore these beautifully detailed and well executed works AND the man who created them.

 David can create unique personalized illustration and not only in Toronto but all over the world! 

 I would love you to come and be part of the David Crighton community. 

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           " David's art and person are amazing and am better for knowing him :)"  Jup B
          "David's Toronto street scenes continue to provide the perfect gift for our retiring board members.”
           Sandra Carr-Harris, Executive Assistant, Board of Directors, St. Michael's Hospital
"His art is hung all over the 6th floor at St Michael's Hospital."
            Kathy Buller, Facebook

"I have known David since 1997.   Each and every piece I have commissioned is a statement to the excellence he brings to the table in his craft.  Everywhere I go in Toronto I either see his artwork hanging in or see places that he has painted which reminds me of the impact David has had to the Toronto art scene.  Suffice it to say that David is an icon on the Toronto landscape.    Thank you David for bringing so much to so many people."  
-Quintin Johnstone, Retired Police Sargeant, Toronto Police Force
"I was very excited to learn that I had won the 'David Crighton Art Print Of Your Choice' draw from The British Isles Show! There were so many wonderful pieces to choose from, it was difficult to settle on just one. Attached is a picture of the print I chose. We have had it framed and it now hangs beautifully in our dining room. Thank you so much!! We are overjoyed."
-Debi Parker, Winner of Art Print, British Isles Show 2014
"I received the "Street" print from my Mom this Christmas and my brother got one as well! No pic to share as she is having them framed right away. Love your work , David Crighton. Happy New Year and continued success in your endeavors!"
-Terri Kapcala Bainbridge, Collection and Facebook Fan
"Hi David, Doug gave me your gorgeous artwork of Coronation Street for Christmas! I love it!!! Tomorrow we're going to our local frame shop and then will be able to hang it in a place of honor in our home. Thank you for being so talented and sharing with us. Love Kathy"
-Douglas James Tasich, Collection and Facebook Fan
“I bought one ages and ages ago as a birthday gift for a musician friend. You kindly added his name to the marquee. Thank you, it was a hit.” “You are very welcome David. I have always liked your style since I first saw your work at the One of a Kind show, decades ago.
-Brenda Kusan, Collector and Facebook Fan
"I bought the other Parliament Building print for my son who works on Parliament Hill and he has it in his office."
-Deb Sheppard Lindenas, Gift Giver and Facebook Fan
"The cards are lovely! I've admired your artwork for a while now and eventually will have a Toronto print in my home here in the UK to remind me of my time living in Toronto. Thank you very much David."
-Nikki Beresford, Surprised Facebook Fan (Her husband just bought one for her Birthday!)
""One of our most prized possessions. Thanks again, David!"
-Dave Taylor, Custom Piece Owner and Facebook Fan
"I have two of them on my walls. One is a black and white of the flat iron building . The other has the old and new city halls with an old and new streetcar going by . I chose them because they are both iconic Toronto buildings . It was hard to choose just two - I love your artwork."
-Lauren Blatt, Collector and Facebook Fan
"Very glad that you returned to One Of A Kind this year. Missed your beautiful drawings. I have several black and whites of Toronto Victorian houses but The Street is by far my favourite. Never would have guessed that you are also a Corrie fan of 30 years. Love your work, hope you return next year."
-Diane Reilly, Collector and Facebook Fan
"I have an original pencil drawing of David's hanging in my dining room (plus two prints). Have had them for over 25 years."
-Leslie Ballentine, Collector and Facebook Fan
 "I have yet to see a picture of David's that I don't like. His work is amazing!" ~  Dianne Gow, Collector and Facebook Fan

"Love this print. I grew up just down the street from this Beaches landmark, and David has captured the soul of this building in his work. This would be the perfect companion to my print of The Goof, which just happens to be located across the street from The Fox." ~  Bryan Suddard, Collector and Facebook Fan

"Your art is amazing!" Susie Cabral